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Furniture Finishing Materials We Use On Our Products

Furniture finishing products we use are come from different vendor and also different materials. but from all of those option, we basically divide them into two major category which is solvent and water base. solvent use chemical materials both the paint or colors and thinner. while water base are using…well, water. both of them had their benefits and disadvantage. So this is a short explanation about furniture finishing products that we use in our factory.

Furniture Finishing Products We Use


What is polyurethane ? Polyurethane is a plastic-based resin, and is used to manufacture anything from furniture to baby toys. Depending on the formula, it can be rigid to make patio furniture, or liquid for paints and varnishes. In paint, it’s available in satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes. It can be applied to most types of plastic, fiberglass, wood, metal and fabrics.

Why we use Polyurethane ? The most valuable feature of polyurethane paints, apart from a flawless, glossy finish, is resistance to water and chemicals, including gasoline. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is high in solids, making it slow to dry, but creating a thick, strong and durable film. Polyurethane price are most expensive from other furniture finishing materials that we use.


NC system used in wood finishing or wood surface coating has the advantage easily quick drying. Although the NC system has weaknesses will turn yellow (very low yellowing) when exposed to direct sunlight, but the paint is widely used in wood surface coating interior furniture. Further, the application of NC is very easy and produce a good coating. A good coating means having good clarity and smooth film. In NC there are top coat system (lacquer) which can produce a high gloss level (above 90%). that’s why this furniture finishing materials are widely known for guitar finish.

Nitrocellulose price are moderately affordable from other furniture finishing materials that we use. they still have high quality result but less expensive than urethane finish.


Furniture Finishing MaterialsMelamine paint is thicker and stickier than the texture of most other paints and this is because it has a difficult task to accomplish, that of sticking to a smooth melamine plastic surface. Melamine is hard wearing and way too durable for many people, but it has been know to ‘chip’ on occasion and you can force a scratch into it if you push hard.

Because it’s thick film layers. melamine material are not recommended for antique reproduction furniture. it can “slightly’ cover up the beauty of natural wood grains. we really don’t want that over antique furniture finishes. Melamine price are cheapest from other furniture finishing materials that we use.


This furniture finishing products are the easiest to apply, and they also had quiet affordable price. however according to our experience, they are not “tough” enough to scratch and in certain application they doesn’t pass “coffee test”. the beauty of waterbase material is they can achieve real natural, the wood will look like real wood without artificial look of coloring.

Those are our most used finishing materials in our production line, all of them were solvent finishing materials. we also use water base finishes and wax occasionally depends on our customer demands. please have your thoughts and idea on comment sections below. Kind regards, Indonesian furniture factory

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