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Although there are many kinds of furniture materials, such as HPL, MDF, Rattan, Synthethis, Metal, etc… Solid Wood still become number one choice of furniture lovers, especially TEAK

Many things can be made, with any models, design, idea,  crafts, functional, or maybe signature product of the company. And many purpose why to make them. Economic purpose, artistic, or even main structure of a scaffolding!

In Indonesia, that is famous in the mind of furniture businessman, has many places and cities that become a destination to make many kinds of furniture from solid woods. Let’s talk about the Unique one, Jepara

Yess! Jepara, a small town on the beach. Has much of furniture and meubel manufacture, with many kinds of things that made by them. Sofa Table Cabinet Chair Craft Sculpture. And things to fill your dining room living room bedroom terrace platform garden roof etc..

Although we have to compete with millions company around the world, our quality, JEPARA furniture manufacture and MEUBEL of INDONESIA, we never leave our local wisdom as our heritage that should be long-lasting. we still create amazing things from solid woods with incredible quality.

So that, we challenged ourself, to compete, to maintain, to live our local wisdom, and of course to welfare our workers and its family. to give you all of our ability, to mobilize our strength! So we can present you our worldwide customers, Dedication from Jepara, Quality of Indonesia, THE BEST PRODUCT of furniture and meuble!

Come visit us! See our “COOKING ROOM” and you can trust to US, that the best products, could come even from out-of-the-way place! That the awesome quality product, could be made, with the hands of full dedication people of JEPARA.

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